March 26, 2020

At DRVA Wood Co, we’re proud of our glue and stick wood wall product. It’s easy, convenient, and looks just as good as other complicated methods of creating wood accent walls or other similar looks. The sheer amount of options that being able to simply apply wood paneling using our eco-bond adhesive offers you is sure to leave you with another problem: the burden of choice!

Where to Start First?

Many people first see how brilliantly simple yet elegant a wood accent wall can look. This is typically what inspires many people to seek out their own DIY home woodworking projects. With DRVA Wood products, we let you take the work out of woodworking, all that’s left is the fun part.

However, it’s best not to get carried away and cover your entire home in something like Newcastle Rustica or Vintage Barnboard—although we’d certainly appreciate your generous patronage!

A Wide Wall

Cascade-Tigerwood accent piece

Typically, modern homes have sleek and clean lines, as well as smooth features. A wood accent wall takes advantage of that by adding rustic chic and a sudden introduction of texture for a stark and contrasting look.

The best way to demonstrate this is like the picture above, pick a wall with a good amount of surface area and use that as your centerpiece for your wood project. That’s not to say that other rooms can’t make use of wood paneling, but it really is the most bang for your buck approach to introducing this kind of style into your home.

Wood Accents in the Kitchen

Not everyone one has a kitchen island, not everyone wants one. But for the inconvenience they might bring to your cooking sessions they sure do add some aesthetic punch. They’re a great place to meet with the family for breakfast or to treat people in your home to some coffee, tea, or other beverages. Like in this example picture, just about any finish would look good in this spot to offer that contrast that we spoke about earlier in this post.

Wood Paneling in Home Office

DRVA Newcastle Rustica Conference room

While this picture is of a conference room, the concept applies to your home office or workstation as well. One of the great things about wood is that it brings a very earthy aesthetic to the room. When you’re working, you want to feel like you’re not stuck in a sterile space. Particularly, the combination of wood and technology (the mounted TV) offers a really interesting mix between two distant things. And that’s really what wood accents are all about, because unless you’re living in a wood cabin, you’ll be using wood paneling as a break from the modern home aesthetic. That means that where you choose to place it is very important.

Easiest Wood Wall Product Installation

Drva Home is your home for all your wood wall covering needs! Our diversity of finishes will leave you with a plethora of creative options to adorn your home with the rustic aesthetic you’ve been looking for, without all of the potential contamination and health safety risks involved with real, reclaimed wood.

For any questions you have about our wood products or installation, or your order, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!