Social Responsibility


“We strive to provide the best product with the least impact to the planet, use our business to inspire and implement solutions to better the environment as well as our fellow man”

We pride ourselves on our unique and creative green business practices. Our wood is sourced only from mills and farms maintaining sustainable forestry practices. We only use lumber that is not suitable to be used in building to limit the amount of trees that are cut down for our purposes and we use all the wood we take in (no waste). All of our processes are low to no VOC and we offer an extremely high end Eco-Adhesive in the hopes of reducing the toxicity and VOC’s that are omitted from the millions of tubes of toxic glues that are used every year around the world.

Warehouse & Offices

We are proud to have single use plastic-free warehouse and offices. All employees are provided with a reusable Mizu water bottle on their first day of work to be able to refill water while working. We supply e-reciepts instead of paper receipts, limit printing in our offices and use only LED lights in our showroom! We recycle, produce next to no waste from our processes and push ourselves daily to be as Eco-Friendly as we possibly can be!

Our Wood

All of our wood comes from American farms and mills. We buy only from those that use sustainable forestry practices and we only purchase the lumber that is the by-product of the wood harvested for building. This allows us to build a sustainable business from the scrap piles of the lumber yards, to give you a truly beautiful, safe and responsible product to put in your home or business.

Our Glue

BOND-ALL is unique. It is the only eco-friendly glue available in any of the major hardware stores. It is low VOC, free of solvents and isocyanates, toxins, and it meets all green building standards. We hope to put more of this product in the hands of contractors and consumers alike to reduce toxic emissions and to minimize the respiratory, gastrointestinal and other health issues associated with the toxins found in these products.


At Drva, we recycle all we can. We have recycle bins throughout our warehouse and we encourage our employees to do the same at home!