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You can put Drva Wood directly to almost any surface in your home or business. With our easy "Glue & Stick" application, you can put it over textured walls, ceilings, kitchen islands, tile backsplashes, doors, shelving, furniture and so much more! No nails or screws required.

Absolutely! You can even glue it straight over popcorn ceilings, stucco, uneven cement, and almost any other surface.

It sure will! This is one of many areas Drva Wood works great whereas the sticker and Velcro wood companies do not.

Yes you can! This is the only application where nails are recommended.

No problem at all. All of our wood is water resistant but no wood is waterproof. If the area gets a lot of direct water on it, you should seal it using a matte finish wood sealer sold at your local hardware store. In most cases, you won’t need to if used inside, but you always have the option.

Yes is can! You will need to seal it though. Use any matte finish wood sealer sold at your local hardware store. Keep in mind that direct sun and rain will further weather the look of your wood. Our opinion is this makes it look even better!

Absolutely! You can glue it straight over existing doors or build a new door from scratch. A piece of plywood makes a great base for this!

Definitely! Drva is the perfect product for commercial, retail, as well as restaurant and café. Companies such as Jim Beam, Quicksilver, RVCA, Crane & Lion and Richer Poorer have already installed our product.

Yes! Just very lightly scuff the mirror using a medium grit sandpaper and wipe it down with a degreaser. Once dry you can use our BOND-ALL Eco Adhesive to mount it straight over the mirror or glass surface.

This is the only thing we really don't recommend you use Drva Wood for. Luckily there are so many other flooring options out there!

As long as your fireplace is safe and not emitting excess heat (if it is, you have bigger issues than deciding where to put Drva Wood), then yes…. This is a perfect place for our products. Always consult your fireplace's installation and safety manual before just to be sure. Always better safe than sorry!

Panels might go up quick as they are larger but even the best ones create a repeating pattern on the wall and can easily be spotted when you look for it. The other issue is that your wall likely is not completely level. With planks, you can easily balance this, whereas with panels you are limited. Planks are very easy to install, simple to correct wall imperfections and will offer you a much better look in your space!

You can put our product directly to a plywood backerboard and fix the whole piece to the wall. This will take careful planning and measurements, but it can be done!

We are so glad you asked! First we would recommend you ask a contractor if they carry stickers and Velcro in their tool boxes. They will likely laugh and tell you "no, those are not suitable methods to install anything". And they would be correct. Stickers are for kids. Our application is just as easy but it lasts. No need to worry about it falling and injuring your child when they touch it or coming home to find that your dog has taken off panels and used them as chew-toys leaving a bark like substance all over your home. Use Drva Wood with the confidence as it is meant to withstand the abuse we all know your family can throw at it!

Maybe, but we think you should save your money and buy one from a reputable boat manufacturer. Would make for a pretty fancy raft though!

Our glue is a permanent product (as any remodel should be). This means removal will damage the wall, although we have two easy fixes. Fix 1. Paint it! Drva Wood is 100% paintable. Fix 2. It is only 1/4" thick, so glue 1/4" drywall over the top of your wood wall. You will have a brand new wall (it will be stronger it was) and you only lost a 1/2" of wall.

"Glue and Stick" is our super-easy method of attaching our wood to your wall. Simply apply glue to the back of your board and stick it directly to your surface. Couldn't be easier!

This is a hard one to answer as each project is so different. On average We would say that a 5' by 8' wall (40 Square feet) should take about 3 to 4 hours. Once you get the hang of it, installation easier and quicker!

NO! Beginner remodelers and project enthusiast, this is for you! Simply "Glue and Stick" and put directly to almost any surface. You can even use a small hand saw to cut if need be. Tip: A low powered electric miter saw from your local hardware store will make this easier and you can pick one up for $79!

Tools: level, tape measure, caulking gun, a hand saw with a miter box (you can also use a utility knife, but a chop or miter saw is recommended).

Materials: BOND-ALL Adhesive, Drva Patch Kit

Wood needs time to equalize to the humidity and atmosphere in the room you install it in. Allowing the boards this time to adjust to your space will help prevent warping.

Not unless there is direct water on it . No need to seal if using in the bathroom or as a backsplash as long as properly installed. We do not recommend using in showers or anywhere else with direct or standing water contact.

Yes. If the product is going outside you should definitely seal the product using a matte finish sealer from your local hardware store. Direct sun and rain will alter the finish over time bringing out more qualities of the wood.

You can use a handsaw, a power saw or score it with a utility knife (razor blade) a few times and snap the board. We recommend a power saw (chop or miter saw's are easiest) if you have one.

Measure the space and mark your board to the size it needs to be. Then, using a utility knife, slowly cut your plank along the mark. You will need to go over it several times with the utility knife to get a deep enough cut to snap. If you have access to a table saw... this will be the easiest way to cut it.

It will. We have tested a single unsupported board on painted drywall and once it is set up, we ha ve actually been able to do pull-ups on it! Our Eco-Adhesive is uber-strong when properly applied.

Absolutely not. You can do this with a hand saw, utility knife, measuring tape, level, and a pencil! Power tools help but are not required!

Wash it off. It is an Eco product. You are good to go!

As long as you want it to. Our glue is no joke and our bond is serious!

Certainly not, but we would love to walk you through any issues you could possibly run into! We are here to support you and help you Reclaim Your Space!

Multiply the height in feet times the width in feet of the surface you are covering with Drva Wood. Then divide that number by 11.25 to determine the number of boxes to order. You will want to round up as you should have at least 10% extra to ensure you have enough material for the job!

We recommend that you use 1 to 1.5 tubes of glue per box of wood ordered. The more you cover your boards with glue, the better the outcome. So we lean towards 1.5 tubes. Will vary by user.

Sure is. Visit our Dealer Locator page to see if there is a store near you!

We do run coupons and promotions from time to time. Join our mailing list to make sure you are the first to know when we have deals and promotions. Also follow us on social media to always be up to date with what is new and exciting with Drva Wood!

Absolutely! We hope you do as this is a great way to ensure you get the perfect finish. We offer an instant savings on samples when you join our email or just order them directly: Contact Us. And guess what… our samples can be used in your project and they also make great coasters!

Sure! You can use our financing option at checkout.

Sorry, we offer small quantities but our lowest increment is 1 box which is 11.25 Square Feet. If you end up with extra… you can "Glue and Stick" over an existing shelf to give it new life though. For more ideas on what to do with left over Drva Wood, visit us on Instagram or Facebook.

Please allow two business days to process your order. Once processed, most orders arrive within 3 to 5 business days via ground shipping.

You sure can! Just choose the expedited shipping method at checkout. Keep in mind the order can take 1 to 2 days to process.

Yes! Just select the "Pick up my order at Drva, I don't need it shipped" option We will hold your order for you for up to 15 days.

We ship all over the world! Each individual country has their own set of taxes, duties, and customs fees which vary and are the responsibility of the recipient. Contact a customs agent in your area for more information on these fees and processes.

Drva Wood offers free ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States! See cart at checkout for shipping to other US territory's or states outside of our free shipping range, but don't worry, we charge much less than it actually costs to ship to you!

Not currently, but we are looking into it. Seems to be the greenest option available!

Drva Wood is 100% real Wood. It is milled, handled, and packaged all in the United States by real Americans!

1/4" thick. This makes our wood super light, easy to work with and very sturdy. We are not as thin as some of the sticker wood companies that easily break apart. If you order samples from them… you will see for yourself!

Our boards are 3.5" wide.

Our boards come in random lengths roughly ranging from 1 to 4 feet per plank.

We use spruce and pine. Both are light, easy to cut and are sustainable!

Absolutely not! Pallet wood is very dirty and commonly contains rat/bird feces, E.coli and other harmful diseases such as listeria. Here is a great article if you would like to learn more.

Super easy! It is 1/4" thick and is a soft wood. A hand saw will easily cut through it and a miter, chop or any other power saw will glide through it like butter!

Yep! This helps it be more consistent and help prevent excessive warpage.

None. That is the best part of our wood! It is 100% safe. Our wood is new wood that we put through environmentally responsible treatments to ensure it has zero toxins. Actual reclaimed wood can contain all sorts of unwanted pests and harmful toxins. Drva wood does not!

Nope. We don't believe in them either! That is why we take new wood, treat and kiln dry it to ensure there are no harmful pests. Reclaimed material can come with all sorts of unwanted critters…. Ours wood does not!

No it is not, but your local fire department can tell you where to have these treated near you if you wish to have them treated. This is not necesarry in homes and even most commercial applications. If you are unsure, check your local building codes to be certain.

YES! Our wood is new wood to ensure that there are no pesticides, asbestos, lead paint, creosote or any other harmful toxins found in reclaimed materials. We use BOND-ALL; our USDA approved, Eco-Adhesive for installation which is 100% free of isocyanates and solvents which are harmful the respiratory health of your family! Unlike the Sticker or Velcro boards, you don't have to worry about boards getting knocked off the walls and injuring the ones you care about the most.

Yes we do! We pride ourselves on working with some of the best designers in the world! It is really easy to set up your account. Please click here to get started

We do work with retailers and distributors and have great programs and pricing available to you. Please contact us to start the conversation of how Drva and BOND-ALL can help your bottom line.

Yes we do! We pride ourselves on working direct with contractors! Interested? It is really easy to set up your account. Please click here to get started

We have great pricing and programs available to the right retailers. Want to become one? Please contact us to start the conversation of how Drva and BOND-ALL can help your bottom line.

Like you wouldn't believe! It is up to 10x stronger than standard adhesives.

Because there are no toxic solvents or Isocyanates. Those are the smells that are so prevalent in the other glues and adhesives available in your local hardware stores. BOND-ALL is USDA approved and it is Eco Safe. Protect yourself, the ones you care about the most while protecting the environment.... Choose BOND-ALL!

We have actually never tried it and we would recommend that you do not either! While it is in fact USDA approved and it is the safe alternative to the toxic glues on the market, we know you have better food options and shouldn't be eating glue no matter how amazing it may be for bonding surfaces!

No, it is so easy! You can use a stiff broom (we prefer it not be used for the floor) or a vacuum attachment to easily remove any dust or debris.

For interior use it does not need to be sealed unless it is in direct contact with standing or excessive water.

No it does not. Put it up, sit back and enjoy your beautiful new space!

We haven't yet run tests yet on this very popular question, so who are we to say?

We offer a 60 day limited warranty. This covers broken or damaged boards that have not yet been mounted to any surface. For more details, visit our Warranty Policy page.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee* on BOND-ALL! For more details, visit our Warranty Policy page.

If you are unhappy for any reason, send your unused boxes back within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked. Just Contact us to get a return reference number, and ship it back in the original packaging it was delivered to you in. For more details visit our Return Policy page.

Definitely! Keep in mind, the weakest part of this new wall is the material behind it. Drva wood will increase the strength of your wall as it is 1/4" thick, but you should still screw large art or tv mounts into the studs when possible or use the proper wall anchors for the wall material if not available.

Good old fashioned elbow grease! This will damage your wall so make sure you have a plan before doing this. We recommend painting the over our planks or adding 1/4" drywall over the top of the wall. This will be much easier and save you a lot of work!

Our wood is 100% paintable. Paint away!