In our digital age, everything is bright, modern, sleek, and sterile looking. With technology rapidly improving, many people seek to infuse a little more earthiness into their homes. What better way to do this than by using wood to accent various parts of your home to create a more rustic feel to the space? The most common way to include wood in your home is either through the flooring or in the case of today’s article, a wood accent wall!

How Do You Install a Wood Accent Wall?

A wood accent wall is the first pick for many people looking to incorporate some rustic flair in their home. As a project, it also seems to be the most approachable for those who have never done a DIY project involving wood before. The traditional way of installing an accent wall has a few steps we’ll outline below.

Pick Your Wood

The first is to decide which type of wood you want to use. Wood planks are typically the go-to here as you can find them pre-distressed or stained as well as in many varieties of wood. Tongue and groove is a more expensive option due to the grooved joints that make them easier to assemble, but more costly to create for woodworkers.

Many places even go so far as recommending reclaimed wood for a truly rustic feel and also to have it as a conversation piece. We at DRVA do not recommend this in most cases, as even through treating these woods they are not guaranteed to be safe from the myriad of harmful bacteria and germs that inhabit them.

Measure Your Wall

Next, you’ll have to measure the wall you’d like to accent and ensure you have enough wood for the job. You should always purchase a bit more than you think you’ll need because nothing is worse than being in the thick of it and running out of materials to use!

You’ll also need to figure out where the studs are on the wall so that you know exactly where you need to drive nails in to make this whole thing work. It’s extra work, but it’s also recommended to mark out where the planks need to go as well to ensure everything goes smoothly come application time.

Cut The Wood

In most cases, the wood planks you buy aren’t going to be sized perfectly to your wall, so you’ll need to cut them uniformly based on your needs. Always work moving in the same direction to prevent any discrepancies. For example, if you’ve been applying them left to right, continue moving left to right.

You’ll also need to be wary of any electrical outlets. Unless you’ve given up your digital life, you’ll probably need that socket, so that means you’ll have to cut a hole in the plank that will be covering it. Make sure the hole is not too large or small. Too large and it ruins some of the consistency of the wall with a gaping hole. Too small and you risk not being able to plug larger electronic power adapters in.

Trim The Top Board or Get Super Lucky

In most cases, the top board is not going to squeeze in perfectly where the wall meets the ceiling, and so you’ll need to trim the boards up to carefully match the remaining space. Sometimes you get lucky and it fits perfectly, but we wouldn’t count on that.

Use a Glue and Stick Wood Wall Product Instead

If you like doing handy work and enjoy the process, far be it from us to tell you to take the easy route. However, we reckon most people just want a nice looking wall in their home and with minimal hassle.

If that’s you, Drva Wood Co. has a solution for you. Our glue and stick wood wall product has made creating wood accents in your home easier than ever. You might think there surely is a drawback to this, right?


We use an incredibly powerful eco-friendly bond all adhesive which has been approved by the USDA for use. That’ll keep your boards nice and snug for a very long time. It has been shown to be up to 10x stronger than standard adhesives.

Just select your choice out of our finishes and you’re well on your way to being done already. All you have to do is figure out how many boards you’ll need and then apply adhesive to the board and stick it on the wall!

There is minimal cutting and measuring required compared to other methods!

Get started today by browsing our finishes, something is sure to catch your eye. Contact us here if you have any questions at all about our wood, the installation of the product, or anything else!