Rustica Light Accent section
March 26, 2020

At DRVA Wood Co, we’re proud of our glue and stick wood wall product. It’s easy, convenient, and looks just as good as other complicated methods of creating wood accent walls or other similar looks. The sheer amount of options that being able to simply apply wood paneling using our eco-bond adhesive offers you is sure to leave you with another problem: the burden of choice!

Where to Start First?

Many people first see how brilliantly simple yet elegant a wood accent wall can look. This is typically what inspires many people to seek out their own DIY home woodworking projects. With DRVA Wood products, we let you take the work out of woodworking, all that’s left is the fun part.

However, it’s best not to get carried away and cover your entire home in something like Newcastle Rustica or Vintage Barnboard—although we’d certainly appreciate your generous patronage!

A Wide Wall

Cascade-Tigerwood accent piece

Typically, modern homes have sleek and clean lines, as well as smooth features. A wood accent wall takes advantage of that by adding rustic chic and a sudden introduction of texture for a stark and contrasting look.

The best way to demonstrate this is like the picture above, pick a wall with a good amount of surface area and use that as your centerpiece for your wood project. That’s not to say that other rooms can’t make use of wood paneling, but it really is the most bang for your buck approach to introducing this kind of style into your home.

Wood Accents in the Kitchen

Not everyone one has a kitchen island, not everyone wants one. But for the inconvenience they might bring to your cooking sessions they sure do add some aesthetic punch. They’re a great place to meet with the family for breakfast or to treat people in your home to some coffee, tea, or other beverages. Like in this example picture, just about any finish would look good in this spot to offer that contrast that we spoke about earlier in this post.

Wood Paneling in Home Office

DRVA Newcastle Rustica Conference room

While this picture is of a conference room, the concept applies to your home office or workstation as well. One of the great things about wood is that it brings a very earthy aesthetic to the room. When you’re working, you want to feel like you’re not stuck in a sterile space. Particularly, the combination of wood and technology (the mounted TV) offers a really interesting mix between two distant things. And that’s really what wood accents are all about, because unless you’re living in a wood cabin, you’ll be using wood paneling as a break from the modern home aesthetic. That means that where you choose to place it is very important.

Easiest Wood Wall Product Installation

Drva Home is your home for all your wood wall covering needs! Our diversity of finishes will leave you with a plethora of creative options to adorn your home with the rustic aesthetic you’ve been looking for, without all of the potential contamination and health safety risks involved with real, reclaimed wood.

For any questions you have about our wood products or installation, or your order, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

wood accent wall bedroom
January 29, 2020

In our digital age, everything is bright, modern, sleek, and sterile looking. With technology rapidly improving, many people seek to infuse a little more earthiness into their homes. What better way to do this than by using wood to accent various parts of your home to create a more rustic feel to the space? The most common way to include wood in your home is either through the flooring or in the case of today’s article, a wood accent wall!

How Do You Install a Wood Accent Wall?

A wood accent wall is the first pick for many people looking to incorporate some rustic flair in their home. As a project, it also seems to be the most approachable for those who have never done a DIY project involving wood before. The traditional way of installing an accent wall has a few steps we’ll outline below.

Pick Your Wood

The first is to decide which type of wood you want to use. Wood planks are typically the go-to here as you can find them pre-distressed or stained as well as in many varieties of wood. Tongue and groove is a more expensive option due to the grooved joints that make them easier to assemble, but more costly to create for woodworkers.

Many places even go so far as recommending reclaimed wood for a truly rustic feel and also to have it as a conversation piece. We at DRVA do not recommend this in most cases, as even through treating these woods they are not guaranteed to be safe from the myriad of harmful bacteria and germs that inhabit them.

Measure Your Wall

Next, you’ll have to measure the wall you’d like to accent and ensure you have enough wood for the job. You should always purchase a bit more than you think you’ll need because nothing is worse than being in the thick of it and running out of materials to use!

You’ll also need to figure out where the studs are on the wall so that you know exactly where you need to drive nails in to make this whole thing work. It’s extra work, but it’s also recommended to mark out where the planks need to go as well to ensure everything goes smoothly come application time.

Cut The Wood

In most cases, the wood planks you buy aren’t going to be sized perfectly to your wall, so you’ll need to cut them uniformly based on your needs. Always work moving in the same direction to prevent any discrepancies. For example, if you’ve been applying them left to right, continue moving left to right.

You’ll also need to be wary of any electrical outlets. Unless you’ve given up your digital life, you’ll probably need that socket, so that means you’ll have to cut a hole in the plank that will be covering it. Make sure the hole is not too large or small. Too large and it ruins some of the consistency of the wall with a gaping hole. Too small and you risk not being able to plug larger electronic power adapters in.

Trim The Top Board or Get Super Lucky

In most cases, the top board is not going to squeeze in perfectly where the wall meets the ceiling, and so you’ll need to trim the boards up to carefully match the remaining space. Sometimes you get lucky and it fits perfectly, but we wouldn’t count on that.

Use a Glue and Stick Wood Wall Product Instead

If you like doing handy work and enjoy the process, far be it from us to tell you to take the easy route. However, we reckon most people just want a nice looking wall in their home and with minimal hassle.

If that’s you, Drva Wood Co. has a solution for you. Our glue and stick wood wall product has made creating wood accents in your home easier than ever. You might think there surely is a drawback to this, right?


We use an incredibly powerful eco-friendly bond all adhesive which has been approved by the USDA for use. That’ll keep your boards nice and snug for a very long time. It has been shown to be up to 10x stronger than standard adhesives.

Just select your choice out of our finishes and you’re well on your way to being done already. All you have to do is figure out how many boards you’ll need and then apply adhesive to the board and stick it on the wall!

There is minimal cutting and measuring required compared to other methods!

Get started today by browsing our finishes, something is sure to catch your eye. Contact us here if you have any questions at all about our wood, the installation of the product, or anything else!

picture of shiplap rabbet joint on table
November 8, 2019

If you didn’t catch our last post, wood wall accents and paneling are extremely popular. Wood has a unique ability as a material to both dress up a place as well as dress it down. To the layperson, all wood paneling is more or less doing the same job. However, as a company that deals primarily with wood products, we can tell you that this definitely is not the case. There are many different ways to accent your walls with wood but there are also many different ways to install it as well (some are easier than others.)

What is Shiplap Wood?

Shiplap doesn’t refer exactly to a type of wood so much as it is how that wood is designed for paneling. This design comes down to the joints of the boards, those joints are what makes it shiplap. Shiplap boards are unique in that if you view them from the side, you will notice that the edge of the board has an overlapping groove reminiscent of a Tetris piece shape. This edge is called a rabbet joint.

The rabbet joint allows for the shiplap panels to be stacked in a way that when put together, can create fantastic texture and irregular patterning. One of the chief complaints we have about most wood paneling products is that because they stack evenly, they simply create a very symmetrical patterned look which looks more like flooring more than anything else. With shiplap (as well as our own highly aesthetic glue and stick wood wall accents), it is relatively easy to create non-linear patterns that really draw the eye.

Apart from its aesthetic value, shiplap is notably phenomenal at keeping things like moisture out—they used to use this stuff in ships. It not only works great indoors as an accent to a wall or covering an entire section of a wall, but externally it creates a weatherproof seal due to the rabbet joints locking in place to create a seal against moisture.

How is Shiplap Different Than Tongue In Groove?

As we said earlier, shiplap can be identified by the 90-degree grooves that are on the tops and bottoms of the boards. Another type of wood paneling—tongue in groove, is very similar to shiplap in the sense that they both rely on a type of bevel to fit together. Those looking to make renovations may find themselves having to choose between these two types of paneling. The difference between them lies entirely in ease of installation and that very important factor: cost.

Tongue in groove paneling is great because it offers a very traditional design that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The issue is that unless you have a lot of time on your hands, it can take quite a bit of effort and time from you. Professional installation is for the same reasons listed quite expensive due to labor costs.

Shiplap, on the other hand, is well known to be easy to install and highly economical at the same time. However, there is a third option that’s even easier and cheaper to boot…

Easy Wood Panel Installation

What makes DRVA New Vintage Wood so special is that you can install it easily just about anywhere in your home! Using our USDA approved bond-all eco adhesive, you can achieve a sophisticated look in your home with a fraction of the effort it takes to apply traditional wood paneling using nails and other such means. We have a variety of highly aesthetic and unique finishes. No matter how picky you are, we’re confident that you are sure to find a finish that appeals to you. We’re also proud to announce that we have shiplap coming soon as well!

Install DRVA’s New Vintage Wood in your home today! If you have any questions about our product, give us a call at (855)-472-0300 or visit our contact page.

wood panel bedroom
September 24, 2019

Trends are an interesting phenomenon. In any given aesthetic field there is always a set of classics. Staple items that never go out of fashion, such as a great pair of indigo jeans that can be dressed up or down. Trends are a different story though, they’re highly novel choices that may come and go in popularity and one never knows what it is that makes them acceptable in one generation and unacceptable in the next. One of the latest and greatest comebacks in the home decoration world today is something we at Drva Wood Co are real pleased about. It’s wood paneling!

The Heyday of Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is something Millenials and younger may only remember through famous shows that were syndicated on television, such as The Brady Bunch, Wonder Years, and much later, That 70’s Show. It’s easy for us to look back on prior generations and not fixate too much on the details. I know when I think of what the average home in the 60s might’ve looked like, there might be a hazy image that I could put together and call it the 60s. However, when you really start to nitpick at the details and consider it, you realize that there are a few things that tend to be ubiquitous generation to generation.

For the 50’s onward and going into the ’70s, you would be hard-pressed to not find a suburban home that didn’t have wood panels in the living room and bedrooms. Heck, the trend was even so popular that many station wagons of the time sought to place wood accents on the body of the car. In my humble opinion, it was a terribly ugly occurrence that never should have been brought to the light, but hey, at least it looked good on walls, right?

The Future is Now

This wood panel trend continued on into the ’80s but started disappearing at the turn of the century and by the 1990s, many old homes had these panels ripped right off because people were not only sick of them, but they did not fit in with the increasingly popular modern/industrial style that was making its way into office and homes everywhere. The future was here, and wood panels were for hippies and flower children.

Things tend to come and go, not just fashion choices but states of mind in the public consciousness—and these inevitably inform the fashion of our times.

This is all just conjecture, but hear me out. After the industrial revolution, there was a huge fixation on new technology making its way into homes. Better automobiles, fancy kitchen appliances, the advent of television and subsequent product marketing and innovations. This led to a very future-oriented mindset in the populace, things were changing fast. Parallel that to how people feel in today’s age, from 2007-2017—a mere 10 years, we had a landslide revolution in handheld smartphone technology and all of the connectivity that goes with that. So suffocating has this become as of late, that people are already trying to find way to return to basics, to something more natural-looking.

Easy Wood Panel Installation

So, you’re telling me it’s a coincidence that wood paneling is becoming popular again? I don’t think so. Guess what else is popular these days? Everything about the ’80s; synth music, films of the era, and TV shows that emulate and pay homage to those things are out in full force and have been for a few years.

Needless to say, many people are jumping at the chance to make their sterile modern homes look a bit more rustic and chic.

Our very own Ryan O’Leary founded Drva precisely for this reason. He wanted to use wood paneling in a home project and quickly found himself frustrated with the options. And like many great products, Drva Wood was born from those frustrations and a lack of any good options.

Drva’s New Vintage Wood is the easiest way to install wood paneling into your home. You simply obtain the panels and use Bond-All Professional Grade Eco-Adhesive, it’s an incredibly strong adhesive that is FDA approved and 100% safe for interior use.

Contact us here to beautify your home with New Vintage Wood paneling!