About DRVA


Drva is the world’s first and only “Glue and Stick” wood wall covering product. Founded in 2014 by Ryan O’Leary, Drva was born out of a need for a higher quality product, with a superior installation method, at a lower price than what was readily available in the marketplace.


In 2014 Ryan attempted to buy reclaimed wood for a home project he was working on. He quickly found three problematic options available to him.

Option 1. Real Reclaimed Lumber:

He quickly learned that this material was very difficult to find as well as extremely expensive. The material was not easy to work with, very uneven, could contain lead paint, other toxins and pests and most dealers had minimum square footage order requirements that were out of reach for the average consumer.

Option 2. Pallets:

This free option was appealing but had some serious drawbacks. The amount of work to reclaim pallets is overwhelming, the material is thick and tough to work with and there are very limited finish options. Researching the material further Ryan learned that pallets are also extremely toxic. He learned that 10% of all pallets were known to carry E.coli, and that 2.9% have been found to contain Listeria (20% mortality rate). This was obviously not the answer.

Option 3. Faux Reclaimed Wood:

This option quickly was off the table to Ryan as the finishes from the majority of these companies had a shine to them and didn’t look authentic. When getting samples from some of the largest companies in the space, he noticed that they all had even edges (no bevels) and they fit together perfectly like flooring and not like reclaimed wood. Most of them were exactly the same length as well (4 foot) and created a pattern like flooring on the wall. Installation for most of these products were done with stickers or Velcro, which if you ask any professional, they will tell you is not a proper install method and could be an insurance liability.

Ryan knew there had to be a better way… so out of his garage in Delray Beach, FL… Drva’s New Vintage Wood was born.

From these humble beginnings, the company has grown to be one of the most respected brands in its space, serving homeowners, interior designers and industry professionals all across the country.